Springing into cycling in Fairfield and Liverpool

This October has been a busy month for cycling in Liverpool and Fairfield! View photos from all of our recent events including the Vietnamese family cycling adventure on 10 October at Fairfield Showground; National Ride to Work Day in Liverpool and Fairfield as well as across Sydney South West Area Health Service; and Ride Liverpool, City of Sydney Spring Cycle.

Vietnamese Family Cycling Adventure, 10 October

This event was initiated by a local Vietnamese parents’ group and over 30 people from different parts of Fairfield attended the day including children, friends and parents. Everyone improved their bike skills, went for a ride, and learnt more about the benefits of cycling as a means of transport and leisure activity.

National Ride to Work Day, 15 October

Sydney South West Area Health Service hosted a number of free community breakfasts across Sydney, with around 130 people participating. In particular, the numbers attending the breakfast at Fairfield Hospital greatly swelled this year, and even the Mayor of Fairfield swung by.

Ride Liverpool – City of Sydney Spring Cycle, 19 October

Over 200 people took off from Hart Park in Warwick Farm, going all the way to Olympic Park on a beautiful spring day. This was the inaugural south-western Sydney start for the large-scale Sydney-wide event.

For more information about any of these events please contact us.


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