‘Cycle Quest’ at the Georges River Education Centre

Cycle Quest A ‘Cycle Quest’ is a fun way to learn about the lake environment by bike. Recently, 14 students from Chipping Norton Primary School attended the first ever ‘Cycle Quest’ at the Georges River Education Centre . ‘Cycle quests’ will be available to primary and high schools.

Participants learn about the local environment by bike. They gain health benefits of cycling as a physical activity and cycling skills to participate in the quest and also improve their skills for cycling for physical activity and recreation. Adventurers start out at the Georges River Education Centre with a cycle skill course. They brush up on gears, brakes and manoeuvers to ride along the lake to follow the clues to discover the diverse environment of the lake. Students use a GPS to navigate their way through.

Cycle quest

In partnership with us, the project has been developed with the Georges River Environment Education Centre, Bicycle NSW, Ride2School Project and Austcycle.

If you would like more information, please contact Sharyn Cullis, Teacher in Charge of the Georges River Environment Education Centre, Chipping Norton on 9755 3189.


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