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Cycling Connecting Communities was an exciting project aimed at promoting cycling in the Liverpool and Fairfield local government areas. The project was funded through a NSW Health Promotion Demonstration Research Grant, partnered with the Roads and Traffic Authority, Fairfield City Council, Liverpool City Council and Bicycle New South Wales.

The intervention areas included Fairfield and Liverpool, targeting the area bounded by the T-way Cycleway, Orphan School Creek Cycleway and Parramatta Liverpool Rail Trail. This encompassed a range of localities including Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Fairfield West, Prairiewood, Miller and Liverpool. 

» Fact sheet (PDF, 90kB)

Although the project has come to an end, this site remains a current and useful resource for promoting cycling within south west Sydney and will continue to be updated.

Cycling Connecting Communities

All of the nice photos we have used in this project were taken by CADMonkey Design.

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